Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Original Art

Art by Alicia Austin, Barry Smith, Bode', Frank R. Paul,
Frank Thorne, George Pratt, Gray Horrow, Howard
Nostrand, Jeff Jones, M. W. Kaluta, Ken Smith, Roy
G. Krenkel, Mantania, Reed Crandall, Russ Heath,
Hickman, Harper, Wrightson and others!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Rocket's Blast and The Comicollector
152 issues ~ 1960-1982

About a week ago I opened up a box out of storage with a
batch of the RBCC issues in it...I thought this would make
a great posting so I started scanning...I guess I got carried
away as this is my largest posting! Don't try to absorb it all
at once, it's not going anywhere!

There were earlier comic book fanzines but this is the premeire
zine that introduced me to so many aspecets of collecting
including pulps, BLB's, serials and of course all kinds of comics!
In my mid-teens I spent uncounted hours with life long friend
Marbleriver pouring over every issue again and again. When we
weren't looking at the issues we spent hours on my front
porch waiting for the mail hopeing a new issue would arrive!

At the time I didn't know anything about the editor and publisher
G.B. Love but since then learned what an incredibly inspiring person
he was! Born with cerebal palsy he never let his condition affect
his imagination or productivity! His magazines and efforts were in a
large part solely responsible for the early fans to communicate
and learn from each other!

Covers and art by John Fantucchio, Wally Wood,
Don Newton, Richard Corben and so many others!
(Thanks to Marbleriver for helping with the scans!)

The 2 Wally Wood Covers

A illo by Kaluta I've never seen printed anywhere else

A Wally Wood illo not indexed anywhere that I've seen!

Another unique Kaluta illo!

Corben Cover

Corben Cover

Corben Cover

Wrightson Cover

Gil Kane Cover

Wrightson Cover

Wrightson Cover

The Vaughn Bode' tribute issue!We were all saddened at the sudden death of Vaughn!